【N-S 1 Day】HKSL Summer Surfkids Camp 2023 衝浪夏令營

From 由: $1,300.00

HKSL Surfkids Camp Details 衝浪夏令營詳情

Registration Deadline 截止報名日期
10 days before each camp starts 開營前 10 日
First register first reserve 先報先得,額滿即止

1-Day Camp Price 1日營價格:
$1300 / pax 位

#Discounted Price 優惠價格:
$1200 / pax 位

Price includes: Instructor, equipment, Lunch, Photos, Pick up & drop off at Central, Artcraft Materials (if any)
價格已包含:教練,器材,午餐,照片,每日中環碼頭接送,手工材料 (如有)

#How to enjoy discounted price 如何享有優惠價格:

  • (i) Register for 2 or more kids 2 位或以上小朋友 OR 或
    (ii) Register for 2 or more camps 報名 2 個營或以上
    Must be in the same order 必須於同一訂單內
  • Discount(s) will be calculated automatically at checkout

Target 對象: 6 – 14 years old 歲
Time 時間: 10 : 00 – 15 : 30

Online Registration 網上報名

  • Your booking is confirmed automatically upon successful payment if you choose to pay online.
    If you choose to pay via bank transfer, your booking is only confirmed only when you have completed payment and received a confirmation email from us.
  • 如果您選擇網上付款,您的預約將在成功付款後自動確認。

Inquiry 查詢

Surfkid Camp Supplies 衝浪夏令營用品
Theses surfing supplies can be purchased and will be provided during the camp/lesson (以下可以購買的衝浪用品會在衝浪營 / 課堂期間提供) :

Image Image

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Zinka Lipstick / Lip Balm 防曬口唇

Smooth and moisturizing our formula is enhanced with Aloe Vera and keeps your lips soft and safe from the sun.

Zinka Face Stick 面部防曬捧

Our SPF 50 Face Stick contains 20% zinc oxide and offers an easy no mess application. Zinka’s Face Stick is water resistant, protects against UVA & UVB rays and is non greasy. This Product is Reef Safe!

Zinka Water Resistant Sunscreen 防水防曬 (SPF 30)

Zinka Clear SPF 30 contains 5% Zinc Oxide and protects against UVA & UVB rays. Our formula is paraben-free, water resistant, oil-free, and loaded with Aloe Vera and Vitamins A & E. This product is Kid Safe!

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