22-28/3 Surf Schedule!新學衝浪時間表

1st time learn to surf

Surf Schedule! Lessons available everyday upon booking!
22/3 (mon) E1.1m @cheung sha
A. 1000-1130

23/3 (tue) E1.2m @cheung sha

24/3 (wed) E0.8m @cheung sha
A. 1000-1130

25/3 (thur) E1.4m @cheung sha
Any time between 10am-3pm

26/3 (fri) E1.3m@cheung sha
Any time between 10am-5pm

27/3 (sat) E0.8m @cheung sha
A. 1000-1130
B. 1140-1310
C. 1330-1500
D. 1510-1640

28/3 (sun) @big wave bay
A. 1700-1830

Land Surfskate lesson 衝浪滑板堂 also available everyday from 10am-9pm Central.

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