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frequently asked questions

Q1. If I don’t know how to swim, can I join the surf lesson?
A1. Yes. Beginner surfing lessons will be conducted in shallow water (chest/waist deep), and you can stand on the sand while in the water.
Surfboard also acts as a floatation device, and the instructor will ensure the safety of the class.
Students are advised to let the instructor know about their swimming ability before lesson.

Q2. Can I join the surfing lesson if i don’t have any prior surfing experience?
A2. Yes. The instructor will start from the basics.

Q3. How long is the class duration?
A3. 1.5 hours

Q4. Is it recommended to have 2 lessons in a day?
A4. If you can handle two lessons physically, there won’t be any problem.

Q5. How many lessons do I need until I can stand on the board and surf?
A5. The majority of HKSL students are able to stand on a board and surf to shore at the first lesson.
The instructor will adjust the lesson content according to the students’ abilities and progress. For students who are progressing fast, we will teach more. For slower students, we will adjust the pace.

Q6. How many lessons do I need in order to be able to surf by myself?
A6. It depends. According to the students’ progress and personal goal, the student can decide how many/how often he/she wants to take the lesson. HKSL instructors would recommend at least 2 lessons before practising in the water by yourself.
If you are an inexperienced person, the instructor will focus on basic surfing skills, balance and surf safety in the 1st lesson.
Lessons after: Posture correction, How to catch unbroken wave on your own without instructor pushing board. Learn to read waves (shape, direction,etc.), catch unbroken waves outside.
Learn to trim across the wave face (forehand & backhand); wave selection, accelerate on the wave, turn bottom, turn top, usage of whole wave face, etc.

Before deciding going to next lesson, you can practise on your own. Therefore, you will have better understanding on what you want to ask and what skills you want to learn in the next lesson. The most important thing is to pay attention to safety. If you do not have the confidence to practice on your own, you can also find HKSL instructor to have lessons and practise with you. Our instructor will customize the lesson content according to the student’s progress and desire.

Q7. Can I practice by myself after attending lesson?
A7. Yes, you can. Meanwhile, the instructor will advise students whether they should practice on their own according to the wave conditions on that day. If the waves are mild and the students are confident, it would be fine to practise by yourself. Keep in mind the safety when surfing.

Q8. Is there any special physical requirement for the surfing lesson?
A8. There is no special physical requirement. Participants are required to be in good health. Participants who have undergone surgery/have just recovered can make a note with the instructor before lesson. You can go back to shore and rest/drink water anytime during the lesson.

Q9. What do I need to prepare/bring for the surf lesson?
A9. In Summer (May-October): Swimwear/swimming suit, sunscreen, towels, water, rashguard (provided by HKSL)/ T-shirts, slippers, changing clothes, plastic bags/waterproof bags (for wet clothes)
In Winter (November-April):Swimwear/swimming suit, sunscreen, towels, water,slippers, changing clothes, plastic bags/waterproof bags (for wet clothes), wetsuit

Q10. Why Choose HKSL to learn surfing?
A10. HKSL has a professional and experienced coaching team, our head coach has International Surfing Association surf coaching qualifications. We have 10 years of solid surf teaching experience, with a systematic teaching methodology; our well-trained team taught thousands of adults and children to surf every year.

HKSL provides surfboards of different sizes for students of different weights, ages, and surfing levels!
We are very confident to say: Learning one lesson with us is equivalent to learning many lessons anywhere else! Our students have incredible progress with our coaching methods.
It’s definitely worth your money! If you look for quality lesson, we have the best team here among HK.
The coach adjusts the class content according to your progress, physical ability and goals, aiming for you to learn in the happiest and most efficient manner!

Whether you want to experience/taking Instagram pictures/improve surfing skills/prepare to go abroad for surfing experience/become an everyday surfer/make surfing your exercise habit (lifestyle), we can help you move towards your goals step by step!!

Our team has taught more than thousands of students in the past, and many of them continue to love surfing, some have become surfers; surfing into life; some become surf instructors; one has even become a board shaper in California.

Q11. Should I participate in 1 on 1/1 on 2, or group class?
A11. If you want a better focus from the instructor, you can choose 1 on1/1 on 2 lesson. We also recommend intermediate students joining 1on1 lesson, as the instructor will bring the board with the students and teach at outside area where the feet can no longer touch the sand.
If you want to experience the lesson with friends or with more affordable prices, you can choose a group of 3-5 people.

Q12. If I am alone, can I join the group class?
A12. Yes. Tell us when you make an appointment, and we will help you combine other interested people.

Q13. What languages will the instructors speak?
A13. Cantonese/Mandarin/English.
HKSL has foreign instructors. If you want to learn in Chinese or English, HKSL will make arrangements in advance.

Q14. Do I have to refill the disclaimer every time I attend the lesson?
A14. Yes.

Q15. Can I wear contact lenses at the surf lesson?
A15. Yes.

Q16. Can girls go to surf lesson during menstruation?
A16. Yes, tampon can be used.

Q17. What is the minimum age we take for surf lesson?
A17. It is recommended that 4 years old can learn independently.
For 2 -4years old, if children are not afraid of the sea water, they can experience surfing with their parents, and the instructor will push the board.

Q18. Can intermediate level learn together with beginners?
A18. Not recommended. Because the instructor will teach beginners in shallow water; intermediate students in deeper water area.

Q19. I have learnt a few lessons, but my friends have never learnt surfing. Can we go to the same class together?
A19. Yes. As the instructor will teach beginners and improver students in shallow water and the instructor will teach according to everyone’s progress. After each wave, the instructor will immediately give feedback to individual students. However, the improver student will need to listen to the beginner session on land while the instructor is explaining to the total beginners.

Q20. Can I learn to surf when it’s raining?
A20. Yes. We are already in the water, so there is no influence.
In case of black rainstorm, please see the bad weather arrangement.

Q21. Can adults and children learn together?
A21. Yes. Please tell us when you make an appointment.

Q22. Can I take photos during class?
A22. Yes. Sometimes our instructors will help taking photos if they are available.
If you learn together with 2 or more people, you and your friends can take photos for each others at the last 15-30 minutes of the lesson. Please tell the instructor you would like to take photos before the lesson starts.

Q23. What time of day is the best wave?
A23. Every day is different. It depends on the swell and tides of the day. It is best to ask the instructor for advice before making an appointment.

Q24. How do I know about the wave condition on my lesson day?
A24. You can read the wave forecast 7 days before your lesson day from Windguru/ Magic seaweed/ windytv/HKO. It is best to ask the instructor for advice before making an appointment.

Q25. Can I learn surfing in Hong Kong throughout the whole year?
A25. Yes. You can learn surfing  all year in Lower Cheung Sah beach. Summer ( May to September) is the wave season in Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau Island. As there would be south or southwest currents,
which brings swell to south Lantau. Suitable
for students at all levels.
Winter (October to April) will be good for beginner and improver, as the big Easterly swell wraps around Cheung Sha beach, bring us gentle running wave! Good for beginners and improver who like to learn how to trim left and right. 

Please note the swell and tide is different everyday, please contact us to find out the best day and best time to surf!

From September (after the Mid-Autumn Festival) to April, Hong Kong often has east or northeast currents, which is the wave season of Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island. It is suitable for more advanced surfers as the beach is small and crowded, the wave can be fast and dumpy. You can choose a small swell day to go if you are beginner/ improver levels. Summer (June to August) is not the wave season of Big Wave Bay. Unless there is a typhoon or a strong south current, Big Wave Bay in summer is usually flat and no waves.

Q26. Which location is better for beginners/improver to learn surfing (Big Wave Bay/ Cheung Sha Beach)?
A26. Lower Cheung Sha Beach on Lantau Island is more suitable for beginners to learn.
The reason:

  1. Sandy bottom, no sharp rock
  2. Long coastal line, and there are different sessions of the beach for different surf abilities. There is a beginner friendly session and a more advanced session for advanced surfers.
  3. Not crowded
  4. The waves are more gentle and slower, easy to learn
  5. Friendly surfers with good surfing vibes, Island style

During the wave season in Big Wave Bay, the waves are relatively fast and dumpy; current is stronger. There may be some little rocks at the teaching area, and it is very crowded with surfers and swimmers. Localism.

Q27. How to get to Lower Cheung Sha Beach, Lantau Island?

  1. From Tung Chung MTR: Take Bus11/23/A35 (30mins) or taxi (20mins) to Lower Cheung Sha Beach (Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen) 
  2. From Central/ Muiwo: Take ferry from Central pier 6 to Mui Wo, then Bus no.1 (15mins) to Lower Cheung Sha Beach (Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen) or taxi
  3. Self-driving: If you do not have the Lantau Closed Road Permit, you can park your car in Tung Chung (ie. Citygate) then transfer to a taxi or bus.

Meeting Point at Lantau Grocer: https://goo.gl/maps/6hfRMuewAd3Vwonn7

Q28. How to get to Big Wave Bay, Shek O?
A28. Shau Kei Wan MTR Exit A, Red mini bus to Big Wave Bay, around 30mins ride (10to15mins waiting time)

Self-driving: There is parking lot.

Q29. Is there any board rental in Cheung Sha?
A29. Our board rental is only for the students who have learnt with us before.
100HKD/3 hours; 200HKD/6 hours. Book with Whatsapp 61990904 at least one day in advance. First book first serve.

Q30. Is there any restaurant nearby lesson location?
A30. There are restaurants in both Big Wave Bay and Cheung Sha Beach.

Q31. Are there any showers/lockers?
Big Wave Bay: There are hot and cold water showers (5-15hkd) at Ho Lok Store (meeting place for lesson) or LCSD Shower. Locker 10hkd/full day.
Cheung Sha Beach: There is fresh water at Lantau Grocer (the meeting point for lesson) or LCSD Shower. Locker 30hkd/full day.

Q32. Is there surf camp for kids?
A32. Yes. We have kid surfing camp in April, June to August (every Monday to Wednesday), October and December. This is a 3 days camp or one-day camp, without overnight.
If you would like the information pack for summer camp, please contact 6199 0904.

Q33. Is there a day surfing camp/fun day for adults?
A33. If you are group of 6-20+, you can customize the full-day surfing activity. It can be coperate fun day/ birthday party/ team-building, etc. Please contact 6199 0904 if you’re interested.

Q34. Can you arrange birthday party/ team building/fun day for school/ individul/ family/ coperate?
A34. Yes. You can customize the day, time, and activity. We also can assist in arranging transportation and food. Please contact 6199 0904 if you’re interested.

Q35. Can you accommodate large group booking?
A. Yes. If you have 15-50 people. We will need to confirm the booking 3 months in advanced. We can be tailor-made for groups/ organisations/ local & International schools/ coperate companies.

Q36. What professional qualifications and experiences do HKSL instructors have?
A36.We are ISA (international Surfing Association) qualified Surfing, Flat water SUP, SUP Surf Instructors. We have received ILS aquatic rescue and lifeguard training and qualification in Hainan Island, Taiwan, and New Zealand. We also hold Hong Kong St. John’s First Aid Certificate. We have been teaching Surfing, SUP for more than 8 years.
We also have more than ten years of outdoor education and outdoor guiding experience. The clients include locals, tourists, international and local schools, and corporate groups. Activities include kayaking, hiking, surfing, Stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, camping, horse riding, etc.
We have traveled to different countries for surfing. Most importantly, we are familiar with various surfing spots in Hong Kong.

Q37. Apart from surfing lesson, do you have provide other lessons?
A37. HKSL provides land surfskate lessons, which help improve surfing/wake-surfing/snow-boarding skills.
There is also a SUP certificate course and SUP Surfing course.

Q38. How to make an appointment?
A38. After you have chosen a day, you can make an appointment with HKSL immediately. The lesson spot and time slot will be confirmed after the payment.

  1. Make an appointment directly by Whatsapp/Phone 61990904
  2. After filling out the registration form, Tio will communicate with you via Whatsapp within 2 day

Q39. How to get the HKSL timetable?
A39. HKSL provides surfing lessons every day. You can book for any day. We will let you know if the wave condition is suitable or learning on your booking day asap.
Lesson information keeps updated via the social media.

Q40. How many days in advance should I make an appointment?
A40. You will need to make an appointment at least one day in advanced.
There are a lot of people learning in summer and autumn season, and lesson spots can get quite full. It is recommended that students make reservations in advance as soon as you have a day in mind. HKSL will confirm your booking asap.

Q41. Payment method?
A41. HKSL accepts Payme, bank transfer, FPS, Wechatpay Hong Kong, Alipay Hong Kong, credit card with 5% charge.

Q42. If there is a thunderstorm warning, can I still learn to surf?
A. If the Observatory issues a thunderstorm warning, students should continue go to the lesson location. The instructor will check the HKO’s radar chart before the lesson. If there is no lightning and thunderstorm on top of the lesson location/being blowing over the lesson location, the lesson will continue under safe conditions. If this is lightning on top of Cheung Sha area, the lesson will be postpone to later time or reschedule to another day. 

Q43. What is the bad weather arrangement?
A43. Lesson will be rescheduled or suspended if a Typhoon Signal No 3 or above is raised, a Black or Red Rainstorm warning is in force 2 hour before the lesson start time.

A re-scheduling can be made free of charge and can be made once only. The new scheduled date shall be made within 60 days of the original scheduled date. The booking will be treated as cancellation for any failure to re-schedule the booking.

+If Hong Kong Surfing Lesson instructors decided to reschedule the lesson due to bad weather/ not suitable surf condition, HKSL will not refund the payment expect special circumstances. 

Thunderstorm Warning Arrangement

  • The Lesson will keep going if the Thunderstorm Warning is issued, but the lesson will not take place if there are any thunderstorms in lesson location. Lightning radar will always be checked to ensure the lesson will be taken place safely in the water. Refer to Q42.

Bad Surf Condition Arrangement

  • Surf lesson will be suspended or stopped or rescheduled until the surf condition is suitable and safe for the participants.

Small Wave/ No Wave Arrangement

  • Surf lesson will be rescheduled within 30 days.

Raining Condition

  • It won’t affect the lesson.

Hong Kong Surfing Lesson and its instructors reserve all the right of final decision.

Q44. Can I learn to surf without waves?
A44. Surfing lessons need to be conducted with waves. The wave condition everyday is different. Although Hong Kong is suitable for learning surfing most of the time, there will be days when the wave is too small or too big to learn. If the wave is not suitable to learn after booking, we will arrange to reschedule.

Q45. What is the cancellation policy?
A45. Lesson Confirmation
Lesson will only be confirmed when certain amount of the payment is made.


  • For cancellation made 7days within the scheduled date, a 30% of total lesson payment will be charged.
  • For cancellation made 3days within the scheduled date, 450hkd/pax will be charged for 1on2/group lesson and 700hkd/pax will be charged for 1on1 lesson. No refund will be made, the remaining credit can be used for next booking within 3months.

No Show

  • For no show on the lesson day, full lesson fee will be charged.

Changing of scheduled day

  • For change made 7days within the scheduled date, a 20% of total lesson payment will be charged.
  • For change made 3days within the scheduled date, a 30% of total lesson payment will be charged.
  • For change made 48hours within the scheduled date, 300hkd/pax will be charged for 1on2/group lesson and 500hkd/pax will be charged for 1on1 lesson.
  • No refund will be made, the remaining credit can be used for next booking, within 3months.

Lateness Policy

  • For combined class: If you are 10minutes (or more) late for the lesson, you will be considered as no show and no show policy applied.
  • Hong Kong Surfing Lesson will try to accommodate notified lateness and arrange for the lesson without influence of upcoming lessons.
  • For Private class: If HKSL Instructors have back to back lesson, the lesson will finish at the scheduled time.

Sick leave

  • If there is a doctor’s certificate, it must be notified at least 3 hours before the class starts, and arrange to reschedule within 1 month. 
  • HKSL will charge a 10% handling fee of the total class fee. No refunds will be made.

Q46. Price?
A46. At the bottom of the site: https://forms.gle/UqySR6e41vc3K9Vt9

Q47. How to choose a suitable wetsuit for Hong Kong weather?
Generally starting from mid-November, you can wear a 1.5 mm half-shirt/1mm-2mm Spring Suit/shorty;or wear a 3/2mm full body wetsuit when the wind is relatively strong.
From December to March: Recommend wearing 3/2mm full body wetsuit or 4/3mm* full body wetsuit.
*4mm is the thickness of the body center, 3mm is the thickness of the limbs.

Tips: Choose a wetsuit with the better seam, or with inner firewool. Wetsuit needs to be tight fit in order to keep you warm.

Q48. If I want a private 3 people group, how can I arrange it?
A. If you have 3 people and hope that there is only 3 of you in the group, the price will be private 1on3, 650hkd/person.
If you are participating in a 3-5 people group lesson, there is a chance that other students may join, maximum number of people in a group would be 5, price will be 550hkd/pax.

Q49. Can I get certificate after I participant in Surf lesson?
A. Yes, you can get E-certificate issued by HKSURFSUP Association.
Fro 5-16yo, you can get 1 star; 2 stars; 3 stars certification after completetion of surf camp/ certain hours of surf lesson.
For 17yo or above, you can get beginner surfing certificate after completetion of surf lesson.
Please contact HKSL staff if you want more details.

Q50. Any discount for surfing lesson and surfskate lesson?
Yes. We have 5-lesson package and 10-lesson package.
If you want to progress quickly, you can join our package! The coach will adjust every lesson plan according to the wave condition and everyone’s progression and ability!

Customer Testimonial

The experience was excellent! The child was very happy!
Ev C
Ev C
My kid gave this camp 5 stars:).
Tio is very nice and patient!
Ccc Ccc
Ccc Ccc
Lola Giardina
Lola Giardina
Tio os the best ! Thanks !!
Rachel Teng
Rachel Teng
Tom is an amazing instructor and extremely friendly. He gave me a lot of pointers to improve my technique. Even though the conditions were not great, I managed to get a couple of rideable waves. Highly recommend!!!
Tio 教練教得非常好!教得好詳細

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