Hong Kong Surfing Lesson


Why learn Surfskate?

Land training drills with a surfskate (ie. carver/ smoothstar skateboard) which can be used to simulate surfing, it helps to improve your balance and practice surfing manoeuvres such as bottom-turns/ top turns/ pumping.

It is one of the best tools to help improve your skills on surfing, wake surfing and snowboarding! Suitable for anyone/no experience people.

What Will you learn in the lesson?


Learn how to go forwards, stop the board, introduction of pumping


Learn how to bottom turns, top turns, cut back on the flat ground;
Smooth out the carving & pumping skills;How to do tight turn & slide turn;
Practising on both front & back side.

Step Up

Practising bottom turn, top turn, cut back on a side slope/banks

Participants can arrange private lesson or join my other students as 1 on 2.

Location: Central/ Tung Chung/ Lantau
Age:6 – 18 + years old
Target:Adults / Kids
Number of people : 1on1 / 1on2 / 1on3 / 2on4
Length: 1.5 hours
Discounted package:5-lesson package available
(Whatsapp directly if you’re interested )
Lessons available whole year (Except June, July, August)
Tel./ Whatsapp: 6199 0904 Tio Ching 

*Land Surfskate lesson available from 9am – 9pm at Central/ Tung Chung/ Lantau. Booking in advanced.

Customer Testimonial

Sharon Shieh
Sharon Shieh
Our first time surfing but it was so fun! The coach explained clearly the steps in both Chinese and English and encouraged us to keep trying. You will surely be able to surf on your first lesson, just be mindful of falling off the board as this hurts.
Gizelle PS
Gizelle PS
Wow, what an awesome experience! First time surfing and Coach Bobby is the bomb! He's a rockstar coach who really pays attention to your posture and gives killer tips to improve. 👍
cheuk hang Cheng
cheuk hang Cheng
Tio 的教導 令我很快就可以學懂衝浪和掌握上浪的時間
Jack Lee
Jack Lee
Coach Tom is so nice abd patient, he focus on your progress and provide improvement feedback, help me to stand on the board so that i can enjoy the fun of surf.

See Our SURFSKATE lessons in action

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