FAQ Summer Camp 2024

Q1. Can my kid join the surf camp if they don’t know how to swim?
A1. HKSL require participants can swim 15m with floatation device (ie. Swimming aid).
As surfing is conducted in shallow water, where the kids can touch the sand bottom when they are in the water. Also, they are always attached to the surfboard as a floatation device. But we require kids to be confident in the water to join the camp, not afraid of being in the water.

Q2. If my kid has learnt surfing before, can he/she joins?
A2. Yes. HKSL instructors will give out comment individually in the water and adjust lesson plan according to kids’ ability and progress. We will divide group according to the participants’ age group and surf experiences. The wave condition is different every time, it will always be something new/ different to the participants.

Q3. If my kid has never learnt surfing before, can he/she joins?
A3. Yes. The instructor will teach from the basic. The participants don’t need to have any prior experiences.

Q4. If my kid joins the camp for 2nd or more time, would the camp content be difference?
A4. It depends on the wave condition. HKSL head instructors will decide the camp activities according to the wave & weather condition of the day. For the surfing part, the instructor will teach the kids new surf skills / help improve according to individual kid’s ability and progress. Therefore, you don’t have to worry the participant will learn the same basic surf skills every time.
More advanced skills include wave reading, paddling technique, catch waves on their own, catch outside wave, self- launch, catch unbroken wave outside, trimming front & back side, etc.
Also, wave condition is different every time. Kids will never get the same waves. Lower Cheung Sha Beach has a long coastal line, there are also different parts of the beach with different wave conditions, it suitable for different surf levels.

Q5. Do I get the photos of my kids during the camp?
A5. HKSL instructor will take photos during the surf sessions. We will send the high-resolution pictures to the parents via google link for free within a week after camp finished.

Q6. Can I see any photos from the camp immediately as the camp is on-going?
A6. Yes. We try our best to upload a few live videos/ pictures on Instagram story (ig story), so parents can see the surf condition and vibes of the camp. Follow us on ig now!!!

Q7. When will they be able to master the surfing skills?
A7. Most of the kids can learn how to stand on the board and ride to the shore on Day 1 with assistance of the coach. Yet, surfing is more than just standing up the board. There are more skills required to progress in surfing. Skills like wave reading, positioning, paddling technique, catch waves on their own, catch outside wave, self- launch, catch unbroken wave outside, trimming front & back side, bottom-turn, re-entry, cross-stepping etc. It takes lots of time practising in the water. Our coaches will help step by step. Students also need to put in time & effort to progress efficiently and effectively!

Q8. When can my kids catch their own waves?
A8. It depends on the ability and background of the kids; it also depends on the surf condition of the day. Some kids can learn how to catch wave after completion of 3-day camp; some kids can catch their own waves after attending few camps; some kids need more time to be able to catch wave on their own.
Be reminded, even Tho the kids can catch their own waves, we always need an adult supervising the kids in the water.

Q9. What is the different between 1-day camp or 3-day camp?
A9. The set up and timetable for 1-day & 3 day camp is similar.
Most of the kids can experience the joy of surfing and would be able to stand up and ride to the shore in Day 1.
Yet, surfing is a sport with ever changing wave condition, wave condition can be completely different within a day. I would recommend joining 3-days to experience different wave condition and maximize participants’ time in the water; developing better muscle memory and confidence! We provide different surf activities according to the surf condition of that day.

Q10. Can I register 2 or more camp at once?
A10. Yes. Welcome to register for more than 1 camp! We got lots of kids every summer, joining our surf camp multiple times and back for every years! As the surf conditions will never be the same, and it is too much fun surfing!!

Q11. May I know all information about certification issued by HKSURFA?
A11. There are 1-star; 2-star & 3-star Surfing Certification for kids/youth. Aims to help grom surfers to improve their surfing skills in different surf conditions, by spending more time in the water practising. If you have achieved certain surfing skills and certain practical training hours, you can achieve the certification.
By joining our surf camp, you can achieve 1-star.
By joining our 3-day surf camp two times, you can achieve 2-star.
By joining our 3-day surf camp three times, you can achieve 3-star.
The certification will be issued depending on wave situation/ personal ability, if the students did not achieve the requirement, we will deny the application and refund the certification money.

Q12. How can I apply the Certification?
A12. You can request on the registration form. It will be extra 100hkd for ONE E-certificate
After successful completion of our camp, we will do the application, and the E-certificate will be sent within one month after camp finished via whatsapp/ E-mail.

Q13. What is the food arrangement?
A13. HKSL provides lunch, juice, water refill during the camp.
Please let us know on the registration form if your kid has special diet requirement (ie. vegeterian).

Q14. What is the brief daily schedule of summer camp?
A14. The schedule is slightly different every day. Activities depends on the wave condition of the day.
Brief Schedule:
1000-1030 Get Change & Camp Rule; Swimming & Body Surf Session in the Ocean; Ocean Knowledge
1030-1200 Land drill & Morning Surf Session
1200-1300 Lunch & Free time; Rehydration & Sunscreen Time
1300-1445 Beach Games & Afternoon Surfing Session
1445-1530 Tidy Up & Get Change

Q15. What should my kids bring for the camp?
A15.Sunscreen (Recommend liquid sunscreen instead of spray sunscreen), Swimming suit, long sleeve Rashguard & Short, Towel,Water bottle, Flip flop,Hat, Closed toed Water shoes, Dry bag for wet stuff, Mosquito Repellent, Dry Clothes

Q16. Do you arrange pick up and drop off at Central?
A16. Yes! We have pick up and drop off at Central. We DO NOT accommodate any lateness. If the participants are late, they will need to meet up at Cheung Sha Beach on their own.
Participants will need to have 200HKD in their octopus (for 3 days transport).

Option A: Meet at Central Pier 6,
Pick up Time: 8:10-8:25
Taking 8:30am Slow ferry to MuiWo
Drop off Time: 16:45-17:00
Taking 16:10 ferry back from Muiwo to Central

*Kids will take ferry and Lantau Bus No.1 or No.4 with HKSL instructors.

Option B: Meet at Lower Cheung Sha, Lantau Grocer
Meeting Time: 10:00
Dismiss Time: 15:30

Q17. Where can the parent/ guardian wait during the camp if we go to Cheung Sha Beach?
A17. Parent/guardian can chill at Lantau Grocer. There are also coffee shop/ restaurants just next to Lantau Grocer.

Q18. Can the parents/ guardian join the surf camp?
A18. The surf camp is for kids only. Parents/guardian can observe from a distance that is not interrupting the camp.

Q19. Can I also get a surf lesson while my kids are doing surf camp?
A19. Yes. Please check with our instructor for the availability in advanced.

Q20. How to get to Lantau Grocer, the meeting point at No.38 Lower Cheung Sha Beach?
A20. (1) From Tung Chung MTR: Take Bus11/23/A35 (30mins) or taxi (20mins) to Lower Cheung Sha Beach (Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen) 下長沙沙灘 (長沙下村)

(2) From Central/ Muiwo: Take ferry from Central pier 6 to Mui Wo, then Bus no.1 (15mins) to Lower Cheung Sha Beach (Cheung Sha Ha Tsuen) 下長沙沙灘 (長沙下村) or taxi

Meeting Point at Lantau Grocer: https://goo.gl/maps/6hfRMuewAd3Vwonn7

Self-driving: If you do not have the Lantau Closed Road Permit, you can park your car in Tung Chung (ie. Citygate) then transfer to a taxi or bus.

Q21. Are there any hotel/hostel nearby?
A21. Yes. There are hotel/hostel at Tong Fuk/ Muiwo/ Tung Chung area.
Tong Fuk: 5mins taxi ride
Muiwo: 15mins taxi ride
Tung Chung: 20mins taxi ride

Q22. Does HKSL surfkids camp safe?
A22. Yes. Safety is always the main priority.
The coach to students’ ratio is no more than 1to 8 in the water, smaller group/ rotation will be arranged depending on wave condition and real time situation. The surf activities conduct in shallow water, kids can stand in the water while they are in the water. Also, they always attached to a surfboard, which acts as a flotation device.

HKSL has operated since 2015 and has run the surf camp for the 5th year, We have successfully arranged 90+ camp, teaching thousands of kids surfing. Our ISA qualified head coaches and professional & well-trained team are very familiar with the main local weather apps, group management, etc. making sure all the activities proceed in a safe environment.

Q23. What is the instructor qualification?
A23. Head coaches are ISA (international Surfing Association) qualified Surfing, Flat water SUP, SUP Surf Instructors. We have received ILS aquatic rescue and lifeguard training and qualification in Hainan Island, Taiwan, and New Zealand. We also hold Hong Kong St. John’s First Aid Certificate. We have been teaching Surfing, SUP for more than 10 years.

We also have more than ten years of outdoor education and outdoor guiding experience. The clients include locals, tourists, international and local schools, and corporate groups. Activities include kayaking, hiking, surfing, Stand-up paddle boarding, rock climbing, camping, horse riding, etc.

We have travelled to different countries for surfing. Most importantly, we are familiar with various surfing spots in Hong Kong. Also, we have well-trained; professional & experienced staff to work with the surf camp, they are all expertise in their outdoor aspect.

Q24. If I want to tailor-made a surf camp for my kids, is it possible?
A24.Yes. If you have group of 8 kids or above, you can discuss with us for the available day (Non camp day stated on the poster).

Q25. Is there any shower?
A25. There is fresh water rinsing at Lantau Grocer and LCSD shower facility.

Q26. What is the coach to student ratio?
A26. The ratio depends on the wave condition. No more than 1 instructor to 8kids in water ratio.

Q27. What is the arrangement if there is no wave?
A27. We will have alternative activities such as beach games, surf related water games, Tie Dye, screen-printing workshop etc.

Q28. What is the arrangement when the bad weather happened when the camp started?
A28. It depends on the weather condition. We will keep close contact to parents/ guardian and keep you updated via whatsapp. See the bad weather arrangement below.

Q29. If the parents/guardian agree, can my kids keep the board and surfing after the finishing time of the camp?
A29. You will need to rent the board with the rate 50hkd/1hr or 100hkd/3hrs from us. Parents/ guardian will have to supervise your own kids during board rental.

Q30. Should my kids carry money during the camp?
A30. Parents need to make sure your kid carry an octopus which has enough money for their transportation. There is no need to carry money during the camp.

Q31. What is the price?
A31. Price for 3-day Camp A to L: $3400 HKD/pax
Discounted Price $3100 HKD pax

Price for 1-day Camp
M to S: $1350 HKD/pax
Discounted Price : $1200 HKD pax

Discounted Price applys
(i) if you register for  TWO or more kids OR
(ii) if you register for TWO or more camps

Prices include: Instructor, equipment, Lunch, High-resolution Photos, Pick up & drop off at Central, Artcraft Materials (if any); not include insurance

Q32. What is the payment method?
A32. HKSL accepts Payme, bank transfer, FPS, Wechatpay Hong Kong, credit card payment ( with 5% extra charge from the payment website).

Q33. When is the latest day for application?
A33. Application deadline is 7 days before the camp starts. Check with HKSL if you have passed the application deadline.
First register, first serve. If the camp is full, we will close the registration earlier.

Q34. Can I only join one or two days of the 3-day camp?
A34. Yes, but the price is same as joining all 3days. Please contact us directly.

Q35. What is the bad weather policy?
A35. Day camp will be rescheduled or suspended if a Typhoon Signal No 3 or above is raised, a Black warning is in force 2 hour before the camp start time. (If Typhoon Signal No 1/ Red or Amber Rainstorm warning is in force, camp will be continued.)

A re-scheduling can be made free of charge and can be made once only. The new scheduled date shall be made within 90 days of the original scheduled date. The booking will be treated as cancellation for any failure to re-schedule the booking.

If the kids cannot accommodate the rescheduling, a surf lesson voucher will be the alternative.

Thunderstorm Warning Arrangement

The camp will keep going if the Thunderstorm Warning is issued, but the water activities will not take place if there are any thunderstorms above activity location. HKO Lightning radar will always be checked to ensure the water activities will be taken place safely in the water. Head coaches are very familiar to read different weather apps for real time weather condition. Safety is always our 1st priority.

Bad Surf Condition Arrangement

Surf activities will be suspended or stopped until the surf condition is suitable and safe for the participants.

Raining Condition

It won’t affect the water activities.

+ Hong Kong Surfing Lesson and its instructors reserve all the right of final decision.
No refund shall be made under bad weather policy.

Q36. What is the cancelation arrangement?
A36. Camp Confirmation

Camp spot will only be confirmed when full payment is made.

For any cancellation after booking has been confirmed, a 10% of total payment will be charged.

For cancellation made within 10days prior to the scheduled day, a 50% of total payment will be charged.

For cancellation made within 72hours prior to the scheduled time, a 100% of total payment will be charged.

The remaining credit can be used for next booking for camp/ surf lesson, valid within a year.
No refund shall be made unless special circumstances.

No Show

For no show on the camp day, full price per day will be charged.

Changing of rescheduled day

For any rescheduling after booking has been confirmed, a 10% of total payment will be charged.

For change made within 10days prior to the scheduled time, a 50% of total payment will be charged.
For change made within 72hours prior to the scheduled time, a 100% of total payment will be charged.

Lateness Policy

The unnoticed lateness will be considered as no show and no show policy applied.

Sick Leave
* Parents can reschedule the kid camp day if there is a proof of medical certificate of the kid on scheduled camp days. HKSL will charge 100hkd/day for the rescheduling admin fee.
Parents need to show the Proof to HKSL staff before the camp starts/at camp day; as well as contact HKSL staff before camp starts. Otherwise, it considers as no show and no show policy applied.

+No refund will be made under sick leave policy.
The remaining camp fee will be used as credit for next surf lesson/ surf camp booking, valid for 3months.

Q37. What is the covid arrangement?
A37. HKSL will charge 100hkd/day for the rescheduling admin fee with doctor verification or related document.
HKSL will not be responsible for any covid-related issue such as confirmed cases during and after the camp date.

A 5% surcharge applies to credit card payments
信用卡付款需額外支付 5 % 的手績費。

    Discount(s) will be calculated automatically at checkout 折扣將在結帳時自動計算
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