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SUP Surfing Lesson

SUP Surfing

1.5 hour SUP Surf lesson, learning to Surf an SUP board is fun and rewarding.

SUP can be a good easy entry into the world of surfing with lots of room for progression.

SUP’s are generally more stable and can be used to catch even very small waves.

SUP Surfing Introductory Lessons

For People who are totally new to SUP surfing. You will be learning basic SUP surf safety, surfing rules, how to paddle for a wave and etc.

By the end of the 1st lesson, most of the people will be able to stand up on the board and ride your own wave! 

SUP Surfing Improver Lesson

For people who can catch his/her own waves with the SUP, but still may not be comfortable in catching or reading waves.

Or people that want to improve any of his/her surfing skill; including paddling technique, how to catch wave, positioning, turning front or back sides.

Intermediate Lesson 

For people that are comfortable catching his/her own wave, and riding the wave.

Yet, he/she wants to learn how to generate speed on the wave, utilize the paddle whilst pumping and carving on the wave face, and improve his/ her SUP surfing techniques.

SUP Certificate Lesson

SUP Certificate Course

By completing this 2-hour stand up board course, you will be awarded a junior certificate recognized by the Hong Kong stand up paddle board association. Participation age is 8-18+

*Coaches are experienced ISA (International Surfing Association) qualified coaches. 

Customer Testimonial

Instructor is very nice and very willing to share.
The experience was excellent! The child was very happy!
Sabrina : o
Sabrina : o
Their coach are so frdly!
Cecily Ho
Cecily Ho

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