Thank you for coming to Surfers Party

Thank you all for joining surfers party 2023!

We’re so glad to see more than a hundreds people joining the party!
We had so much fun at the party! Loads of delicious western BBQ food; shopping with the Local Ocean Market; enjoy the surfing lesson; meeting new people; watching the beautiful sunset; getting lucky draw prize; drinking with friends; chillax with the beach live music!

It is not easy to gather so many people and coordinate with different units in a short period of time. Especially this year, everyone travel abroad, thank you for those who support us and join us for party! Your positive comments and appreciation turn into our motivation!

Hope everyone enjoyed the Surfers Party!

Finally, I would like to thank all the Sponsors & Markets for their support and the coaches for their help. Most importantly, thank you Kaho, the boss of Lantau Grocer for organizing the Surfers Party with me. It takes loads of efforts from all units to make Surfers Party work!

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Sea you next year~~

Special thanks to

Co-Host: Lantau Grocer
Sponsors & Market:
Orion beer HK
Peroni HK
Mak’s Beer
Oceantis Surfboard
Kookie Surfer
Mute Paper
Surf Lesson: Hong Kong Surfing Lesson
Live Music: Sound of Swell @Avory @Buddy ; Drummer: Benny & Tat
Photos: Gary_lau Photo

highlight for surfers party (Daytime)

Highlight for surf lesson

highlight for Surfers Party (Nighttime)

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