Surf Lesson Fee & Schedule

Why learn to surf with HKSL?

HKSL has a professional and experienced coaching team, our head coach has International Surfing Association surf coaching qualifications. We have 10 years of surf teaching experience, with a systematic teaching methodology; our well-trained team taught thousands of adults and children to surf every year.

HKSL provides surfboards of different sizes for students of different weights, ages, and surfing levels!
Learning one lesson with us is equivalent to learning many lessons anywhere else! Our students have incredible progress with our coaching methods.
The coach adjusts the class content according to your progress, physical ability and goals, aiming for you to learn in the happiest and most efficient manner!

Whether you want to experience/taking Instagram pictures/improve surfing skills/prepare to go abroad for surfing experience/become an everyday surfer/make surfing your exercise habit (lifestyle), we can help you move towards your goals step by step!!

Our team has taught more than thousands of students in the past, and many of them continue to love surfing, some have become surfers; surfing into life; some become surf instructors; one has even become a board shaper in California.

Also, We have free high resolution surf photos occasionally!

Price for Surf Lesson

Duration: 1.5 hours
Private 1on1: HKD$1000/pax
Private 1on2: HKD$700/pax
Private 1on3: HKD$650/pax
Group 3-5 with 1 instructor: HKD$550/pax (May or may not have others joining)
Group 6-10 with 2instructors :HKD$550/pax (May or may not have others joining)
Group of 11- 30pax: please contact us

*Include Surfboard, rash guard
(If we have coaches available, we will include high resolution photos for lesson, ask here)
*Beginner/ Improver/ Intermediate
*Welcome to ask for 5-Lesson & 10-Lesson Package Price
*HKSL Students’ board rental discount: 50/hr, 100/3hrs, 200/6hrs.
*The price is the same for kids/ adults/ family; Weekdays & Weekends & Public holiday!

Time Schedule for surf lesson

We make sure you have the best time slot to learn surfing! Ask here for time table.

Surf LEsson Fee & Schedule
Hong Kong Surfing Lesson
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