To the people who just started Surfing

Feel happy if i catch Wave but dispointed if i can’t catch

When novice surfers started surfing, the biggest problem was to read the waves and catch a wave. Many people feel that they are not paddling fast enough, so they need to practice more swimming and spend more time at the gym. Swimming fast and having enough muscle strength certainly helps, but that doesn’t mean you must catch the waves. Because the shape of the waves, the wind, the direction of the waves, the timing, the paddling posture, the position, etc. will all affect you from chasing the waves. To understand your own problems, you must also understand the ocean. Because when you understand the waves, catching waves becomes very easy, and you can catch the waves with only a few strokes.

Surfing is easy to learn but difficult to master. Surfing is an ever-changing sport. Even if you are surfing at the same location, each wave is different every time. . It takes time to get used to each practice, but also requires incomparable perseverance. You must have a strong heart, and you can’t give up so easily.

The coach will make you understand the process better and speed up your success rate in catching the waves, but you can only make the fastest progress if you practice on your own after the class! At the beginning of the practice, you can set yourself a small goal every time. For example, if you want to practice catching the waves, the goal should be at least catching one wave in your practicing session. After reaching the goal, all the other waves you catch will be a bonus. It’s not like putting a lot of pressure on yourself. I believe everyone want to enjoy the feeling of being free from the sea rather than stressing out. After practicing a little more, you can be the surfer who can catch more than one wave in each session.

Surfing must be persistent, with a heart that will not give up, slowly progress will be made, and you can run freely on the sea. Don’t compare yourself to others, just follow your own pace.

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